Tenant credit report input form

Tenant screening minimizes the risk of renting to tenants that are not an asset to the tenant community, i.e. noisy, unruly, compromise safety of other tenants, criminal activity etc. Good tenants want to live with other good tenants in safe harmonious surroundings that afford them a good lifestyle.

Generally landlords who screen their tenants have a criteria or certain standard that must be met and that usually means that the landlord takes pride in his landlord business which directly benefits the tenant. Generally there will be fewer problems as the landlord wants to please and retain a good tenant; it is much more profitable when landlords have responsible tenants that contribute positively to the tenant environment. This benefits tenants! Each report costs $35.00 per applicant and the
applicant bares the cost for the screening. LRDI obtains a tenant credit report that includes a FICO score(s) from a Major Credit Bureau(s) this report includes an eviction search. LRDI can conduct a criminal record search on your Prospective Tenant(s) for an additional fee. Call 831.601.8551 today.